Seoul 2006

In 2006, I went to Worlds for Ultimate frisbee in Perth, Australia which by the way was an awesome experience and I stopped in Korea on the way there and to my old stomping grounds Taiwan on the return trip.

I must say, Perth is a long way from anywhere- especially Victoria.

The first 3 days in Seoul I experienced 3 seasons.  Hot as heck at the Queen’s Cup Soccer tourney (Canada vs USA), windy and cool on Sunday and then on the Monday it was raining which turned to snow!!!

The funniest thing I saw was at the Art Gallery. The exhibit was “Paintings from the Louvre” and there was quite a few people there to see it.  A man in front of me was curious about one of the paintings so he reached over and wet his thumb and gave it a little rub.  I was in total disbelief but the amazing thing was, he did it to the next painting too!  I promptly told a security guard who just followed him the rest of the time.  It was classic.