Photos of Europe

Back in 2007, I did a short 8 day bike tour on the Adige Bike Path. I started in Innsbruck, Austria and finished the tour off in Bolzano, Italy.

A fantastic trip which was self guided and the operator took my luggage between hotels each day as I biked. So all I had with me was a small backpack (with 2 camelpak bladders- 1 for water the other for wine) and my camera.

The Adige starts in Innsbruck and travels through a lovely valley going eastward to Imst. From there, a 1/2 day ride to the pass where the bus takes you up to the top and then from there you cruise downhill to the next town. Along the way, you get to see the spire in Reschenesee, Italy, old Roman trade routes and then into the vineyards.


Before I headed out for my bike trip, I was in Amsterdam to visit with family and it was amazing checking out some of the shops and I ended up buying some glow in the dark juggling balls. I think they are pretty cool myself. 




My hair flowing as I rode through Europe
My hair flowing as I ride.

The rest of the pics are of Venice and Amsterdam where I spent a couple of days in each spot.  What a wonderful time I had, hanging with old friends and getting to see some fabulous places.