Kauai 2011

5 years ago today, I married on Kauai on the north coast at a beach called Tunnels.  We saw an amazing amount of whales, hiked the Napali Coast Trail (which is quite challenging to say the least and worth it) and all sorts of amazing things.

The reason we chose Kauai is that it is the only Hawaiian island that has a multi-day hike on it.  My wife found a great little vacation rental spot looking over the cliffs on the north coast and we ventured off from there every day.

My favorite place by far to eat was Chicken in a Barrel. As you can imagine, they cook chicken and ribs in a barrel which is like an old oiI drum that they’ve modified to make it into a smoker. The combo platter was  and I still think about it to this day.  Maybe it was the torrential downpour, the sign on the side of the road in Kapa’a or the thought of food.  Probably a combination of all of the above but it certainly was worth it.

Even though it was end of February and beginning of March, the ocean was calm and we really didn’t see many huge waves.  Tunnels beach where we got married was still present and our photographer was shocked that there actually was beach.  That was truly a very special day for both of us.