Carpentry 2016

I have never professed to be a carpenter and I doubt I ever will.

My wife asked me to build our son a clubhouse so I figured I should start small and work my way up to this task.

So, I started off with some handy dandy growler carriers then moved to a compost box and then onto the clubhouse!

I started off last winter and made a couple of growler carriers. One for a friend who lent me his mitre saw and one for myself.

A simple design and I wrapped a strip of bike inner tube around the inner growler separator to minimize vibration. Also looked online to see what the height of the handle had to be.


I started the spring off with building a new compost bin as the old one was rotting through.

And then for the final project of the year, I built my son an awesome little clubhouse. As you can see, it has been a great adventure and I am completely elated by the results. I never knew that I had such mad skills!

I started off by planning where to situate the structure and then dug holes to place the cement footings.

And then placed the joists

My friend recommended that I should add joist hangers to ensure strength. I am happy I did. I picked up single, corner and double hangers depending on their locations.

Then I added a floor and then added the little front deck.

And then added the small deck

Then did the framing on top of the plywood.

And got the place all framed up and upright with the rafters and fascia installed as well.

Once that was up, the plywood walls were next. It’s starting to look real! My son loved cleaning the work site!

And who can forget the roof. The rafter’s spacing were all good. The only problem was making matching bird’s mouth cuts. Thankfully I don’t a photo of these as they weren’t that beautiful.

Then more plywood onto the roof and then put construction paper on the roof and walls. Starting to take shape!


Then added the flashing to the roof and put on some rolled on roofing. I chose the roll on method as per advice from the internet as the slope is about 12 degrees. Of course I had to do this on the hottest day of the year and almost passed out from heat exhaustion on numerous occasions.

Once that was finished, I ordered the board and batten from Wenstob out in Sooke. Great wood and really looks nice.

Here’s some views from the inside to show the framing around the windows. The back window is positioned so that if you looked level out the window, you can’t see the neighbour’s fence.

Nice long vertical window as well on the south side.



And then for the final with a cleaned up work site.