Leo Buscaglia- Love

leo-buscaglia“One cannot give what one does not possess.  To give love you must possess love.

One cannot teach what one does not understand.  To teach love you must comprehend love.

One cannot know what he does not study.  To study love one must live in love.

One cannot appreciate what he does not recognize.  To recognize love you must first be receptive to love.

One cannot doubt about that which he wishes to trust.  To trust love you must be convinced of love.

One cannot admit what he does not yield to.  To yield to love you must be vulnerable to love.

One cannot live what he does not dedicate himself to.  To dedicate yourself to love you must be forever growing in love.”


“If I were to choose between pain and nothing, I would choose pain.”  -Faulkner


“The difference between saying, “I love you” to a friend or a lover is that if you say “I love you” to a friend, the friend would know exactly what you meant.”


“Life is not a goal, it is a process. ‘It is getting there, not the arrival.’ Thoreau said. “Oh God, to have reached the point of death only to find that you have never lived at all.’”


“You are the best you.  You will always be the second best to anyone else.”


“But man is always capable of growth and change, and if you don’t believe this, you are in the process of dying.”


“Here’s me.  Take me for what I am with all my frailitiees, all my stupidity, and so on.  And if you can’t, leave me be.”


“I wish she could love me more and need me less.”


“‘Man has no choice but to love.  For when he does not, he finds his alternatives lie in loneliness, destruction and despair.”


“If you love someone, you’ll look at him carefully.  He is changing each day through a beautiful, gradual process which you will surely miss if you do not learn to watch.  When was the last time you looked at your wife, or husband’s face, your child’s face, your mother’s face?  For that matter, how long has it been since you looked deeply at yourself, not while shaving or washing or putting on eye shadow, but at a moment of peace, just looking?”


“Homes are built by contractors, clothes are designed by sadistic couturiers, beauty is defined by Hollywood and Cinecitta and the individual is lost.  He becomes all the things others dictate, without being consciously aware of it.”


“He must understand that, if he is rejected in one love, there are hundreds of others awaiting love.  The idea is that there is but one right love is deception.  There are many right loves.”


“Vulnerability is always at the heart of love.”


“‘The most human thing we have to do in life is to learn to speak our honest convictions and feelings and live with the consequences.  This is the first requirement of love, and it makes us vulnerable to other people who may ridicule us. But our vulnerability is the only things that we can give to other people.’“

Father William Du Bay


“The parents’ role is primarily to stand by with a goodly supply of bandaids”


“The pity is that the most vital characteristics of adolescence, so necessary for the realization of the self, are the most abhorred by adults and society, and therefore, are the most frustrated.”


‘Love’- Leo Buscaglia