Anne Rice- Various Novels

Anne Rice
Anne Rice

“You talk about passion, you talk about longing!  You talk about things that millions of us won’t ever taste or come to understand”


“Evil is always possible.  Goodness is eternally difficult.”

-Interview with the Vampire



“It is the larger scheme which means nothing.  It is the small acts which means all.”


“”You don’t die enough to cry.”

“What difference does it make after all? Anominity in the world is better than fame in heaven.””


-Tale of the Body Thief




“Marcel made his face a mask.”


“She refused to think a moment ahead.”


“She saw the horse and its rider penetrate the limitless mist.”


“He had perceived in no time that her sweet passivity was not indicative of a lack of intellect or a lack of character at all. . .she was a lady to the tips of her fingers, having imbided the principles of gentility for the best and most profound reasons: that gentility makes life graceful and good.  That gentility depends in its truest sense upon respect for others, it is the daily practice of charity refracted into manners with the most profound moral principle at its core.”


“It was all the same old story.  Why put it into words again?”


[Adultery]: “And confessing these to Suzette after, he had endured her scornful condemnations, almost gracefully, resolving never to travel sorbid paths again.”


“He wished that he could somehow stroke her heart.”


“. . .she had felt a longing so immense and so desperate that her soul and her body had become one.”


“He didn’t know he had said this to her a hundred times in the past month never recollecting having said it once.”


“He turned into the shadowy alcove of the shut-up pharmacy and tipped the bottle upward, his throat burning for this perfect stream.”


“Remorse.  It was one of those words he’d heard but never actually made his own.  Guilt he understood, but remorse?”


“. . .and that he could just hold Chris for a moment or rather be held by him in some natural way as brother might embrace brother, as a father might hold a son.”


“His eyes grew wider, a flush disfiguring his face so that his golden eyebrows became prominent against the pink flesh and gave a sharp intensity to his anger. . .”Tell me, Madame, what is the inside of your mind?  What barren, wintry place,” he spat the words, “that the fortress which surrounds it is so impregnable, so cold?”


“Ah, admire him if you will, but imitate him never, said the parents to the enamoured children.”


“Someone called his name.  He didn’t hear it, but then he did, and couldn’t remember it.”


“”If you don’t believe me,” Marcel insisted, “you wound me in my heart.””


“”I read his Nuits de Charlottes, it was magnificent, like Shakespeare in the novel form, Madame, I could see it happening before my eyes, and when Charlotte died, I died too.””


“However, she was rising now, and though she had let him go, she was beckoning for him to get up also.  And he still could feel the touch of her fingers as if she’d never moved.”


“. . .the immediate grinding passion that obliterated every other sense, any scintilla of judgment.”


“She kissed him on the mouth, and he felt at once clumsy and stiff in his passion, the blood pounding in his head as her hard tiny nipples pressed against his chest.”


“. . .and he had known this a kind of loss only once before in his life, and he had been lonely in it then as he was now.”


“But Marcel stared off, his face as still as if it were made of wax.”


“”. . .I don’t know that anyone would have taught me if I hadn’t shown the will to learn.  It was more than a will, to tell the truth, it was a passion, a passion. . .”


“”Jean Jacques was thinking.  “I learned simple things first, then I went on to those things I really wanted to make.  You see, I have the belief, mon fils, that if a man can learn any one thing well, then he can learn most anything else that he puts his mind to.””


“”The memories don’t hurt my soul.””


“The world was glass like angles on the mantle, bound to shatter at the thrust of a crude word.”


“Theirs was a bond that would last a lifetime.”


“Overhead the stars went out behind the winter clouds and a voice beat beneath the gentle pounding of the rain, speaking to him of what he’d always known, that he would never be admitted to this place.”


“He felt the sudden shame of someone who invites misery, it was senseless.”


“Marcel had never spoken these words to himself before, they had just taken shape from all the chaos and pain in his mind.”


“For a little while he knew she was still there, walking back and forth.  He could hear her choked and angry sobs.  And then he was gone.”


“She with downcast eyes had felt a sudden anguish, a desperation as if something utterly precious, something more than she had ever wanted in her life before, might be torn from her for reasons she could not know.  In the night she would awake with a start to her empty room, the tiny porcelain light flickering on the tester, and to find that she had not been thinking of Richard, not dreaming of him, merely thinking of him, in her sleep.”


“He had smelt of pressed linen, rosewater, and something warm that was all his own.”


“Strangers did not frighten her, not on Rue Royale.”


“He moved his jaws a little as though chewing his thoughts.”


“Dragging his feet on the way home, he sang softly all the melodies he could remember, dreaming of Paris when he could stand with other gentlemen, on the parquet, so near to those magnificent instruments he could feel their vibrant music like the beating of a heart.”


“”Now you forget everything you ever knew about breathing.”“


“. . .and was tired to the marrow of his bones.”


“. . .and Richard would remember all his life the shadow falling over his heart when he heard her say these words.”


“. . .her head to one side as though her neck were a weakening stem.”


“When people complimented the sharpness of his recollections, which they often did, he thought of her, that he would have liked to forget, but then again not for the world.”


“Hr face altered in one of those complete shifts which drunkenness makes possible.”


“Of course he had fallen in love with her, he might have well have thrown this to the winds.”


“”What do you mean, ‘perfect person’?” Richard had asked.  Thereby opening the door to one of Marcel’s longest, most abstract and rambling speeches which seemed to culminate in this: she was honest in a selfless way, and would tell Marcel the truth when he needed it, even if it made him made.”


“Son, don’t break your heart.”


“And after all, these gala days were coming to an end, it was good-bye to the delicious foam on the beer and the click of the ivories, he was a serious student know, and would soon be so busy with lessons that he would have no time to degenerate at all.”


“Each day after that he had risen, dressed excitedly and walked at the slowest pace humanly possible . . .”


“”You can admire a writer who is quite far from you, but schoolboys imitate their teachers, which is quite a different thing.”“


“Could she love me?” . . . Dear God, I want to try! And if my heart is broken in that effort, I don’t care.”


“But then his eyes tightened around his waist and putting his head down, he shut his eyes and dissolved in private tears.”


“”Because I owe him my life! And that is simply too much too bear!””


“”I don’t believe in anything except myself.  Yet everything is out of my hands.””


“”The truth is, it’s your company I want and yours alone, and yet I am a fool for telling you so.  I should be cold to you and coy with you, I should give you smiles begrudgingly, look away when our eyes met, hide my real feelings behind a feathered fan.  I detest it! I don’t know how to do it.””


“Richard could never have found a name for the emotion he felt as he heard this.”


“”Now, you just keep this up! Just see how many people you can drag down with you, we’ll keep count.””


“But it was the unspoken bond that she treasured.”


“I am in the privacy of my own home right now, I can preach sedition and abolition to the rafters here if I like, and I can also get drunk!”” “That old doleful aura had been dissipated.”


“A little rain was falling, so light it couldn’t be heard.”


“He started to speak, but it was as if his voice had left him, words had left him, he could only sit there, staring forward, his lips working silently, and then, his brow knit, he was still.”


“But Phillipe had come to live for these days in New Orleans when entering that small cottage he felt himself grow so that reaching out, it seemed, he might touch the four walls.”


“No one had to turn him against the kindly blond-haired brother-in-law who told him the best bedtime stories he had ever heard; he was simply cut from a different cloth.”


“Morning was the time she liked for love, with the sun falling on her shameless nakedness.”


“But all the rough edges had been worn from those remembrances, and so was the sense of time.”


“”Do you think it will be like that,” she asked hugging herself anxiously, “at the end of the world?”

“I think it will end in our lifetime!” he said triumphantly.  “You and I shall not know death at all.””


“She loved him.  He loved her.  They even said so to each other, but there was something virginal in the way that she had spoken the words, something that sensed its own nobility in transcending whatever older people might mean by such utterances.  Older people cheapened them with kisses and embraces.  In short, she thought once in the night air under the stars, her hands on the gallery railing, “He really loves me fir myself, Marcel.  And that’s simply not enough!””


“”Don’t you do that to her!” came the low voice which might have been a bell in the silent room.”


“”Again, if I had less faith in you I would never speak to you in this way.  But my faith in you, I know, will never be betrayed.””


“She thought she would should get up, attend to him at once in whatever he wanted, and struggling she broke the surface of her dream.”


-The Feast of All Saints



“Swallowing the fear, the instantaneous fear.”


“How on earth could he tell this place was empty?  I mean, anyone could be hiding in this place.  I knew it was empty.  But what made him so sure?  But maybe that’s how he’d stayed alive all this time, he had just the right mixture of creativity and carelessness.”


“”Now, you know me, that I am as vain as you are probably, and then I was truly convinced of my special nature and destiny, and I came glistening and flashing towards these two men, you know, throwing off sparks, making a dance out of the walk. If I had any idea in my head, it was this: If Blue could die, that would mean I could die.  And I couldn’t let something like that proven to me then, you know?””


“Scope is everything when it comes to money.  Imagination and scope.  You lack either of these two things and you can’t make moral decisions, or so I’ve always thought.  It sounds contemptible.  Money is power to feed the hungry.  To clothe the poor.  But you have to know that.”


““. . . Believe in Angels? Then believe in vampires.””


“I rolled over on my face and tucked my arm under my head and started crying like a child.  I was perishing from exhaustion.  I was worn and miserable and I loved crying.  I couldn’t do anything else.  I gave in to it fully.  I felt that profound release of the utterly grief-stricken.  I didn’t give a damn who saw me or heard.”


“She turned to me, and I could feel her studying me, assessing me.  I am so sensitive to this sort of appraisal that I can actually think my vanity is rooted in each of my cells.”


““Now, it is difficult to go to Heaven without the slightest preparation, and you will soon be stunned and confused by what you see.  But if you don’t see this first, you’ll hunger for it throughout our dialogue, and so I’m taking you to the very gates.  Be prepared that the laughter you hear is not laughter.  It is joy.  It will come through to you as laughter because that is the only way ecstatic sound can be physically received or perceived.””


“”Such as that emotions stirred in the limbic part of my brain could not take hold of me without having first  made themselves known to the consciousness,”  he said.  “That can’t happen with an angel.  Our emotions cannot slip by our conscious minds.  We cannot feel irrational terror.””


““And to this she gave me a yielding and respectful smile, and snuggled close to me, and then seemed about to weep.  Her carelessness had lead to tenderness.””


“He sat relaxed, one knee up, arms folded, face clear one moment in a flash of flame and pale the next.  He was soiled all over, and seemed rather limp and in a strange misery of ease.”


“Mennoch the Devil”



“My life is far too interesting for me to ever tell lies about it.  Besides, I’ve got more courage than imagination, that’s always been the case.”


“An expensive fragrance emanated from Rowan, rather like citrus and rain.”


“”Wow,” said Mona flatly.  “You know, you really are fascinating, you’re the most challenging combination of the mundane and mysterious that I’ve ever come across.”


“”No one spoke.  No one moved.  The first stage of silence had been the absence of speech.  This was the second stage, the absence of movement, with the members so still that he could not even hear anyone draw breath.”


“There passed another one of those silent, secret moments, rather like an invisible kiss.”


“”I have learned to live with a profound loneliness.  I forget about it for years and years.  Then it surfaces, the desire to be placed in context by someone else.  The desire to be known, understood, evaluated morally by a sophisticated mind.””


“There’s a desire to be gratified at once, and for things to remain simple.”


“”The sky was the leftover sky and the color of rosy flesh, as sometimes happens.”