Quotes from Selected Authors

Over several years, my current book’s bookmark served as an index of great quotes from that book.

I started writing out the quotes by hand and then this miraculous idea came to mind: why not type them out? It has taken a while but that’s ok as they serve a reminder of some of the great novels that I have read.  It’s nice to revisit them again and to remind me of those wonderful stories and authors.


Edward Abbey

Nicholson Baker

Richard Brautigan

Leo Buscaglia

Carlos Castaneda

Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland

Wade Davis

Katherine Dunn

Marguerite Duras

Eduardo Galeano

Herman Hesse

James Halperin

Benjamin Hoff

John Irving

Barbara Kingsolver

W.P. Kinsella

D.H. Lawrence

Aldous Leopold

Peter Matthiessen

Dan Millman

Anne Rice

Shel Silverstein



Life in 5 easy chapters



Charles Finn

Charles Finn


Tom Robbins

Tom Robbins Quotes