The Best Time of the Year

To me, this is a pretty good time of the year as many of the sites that I peruse give you their top 10. I use Feedly to keep up to date with different websites to keep up to date with what is happening in the world of tech, design, news, wordpress, photography, sports and […]

Play it Loud Part II- Wax Fang the Astronaut Part I

Wax Fang The Astronaut Part I Ok, so here is another tune that I got from NPR’s All Songs Considered.  What a great show they bring to us each week and I encourage anyone to listen to it.  Today is Wax Fang and a tune called “The Astronaut”. A group from Louisville, Kentucky,  in “The […]

New Tunes- Part 1- tUnE yArDs

My friend got me onto a podcast on NPR called “All Songs Considered“. It’s a couple of guys sitting around discussing new music, they talk to artists etc and there is some great music too.  I’ve only recently started to listen to this podcast and with J River media center (as I hate windows media […]