Password Comic

How to Create the Decent Password

With the recent Heartbleed bug going around, it’s common sense that one should change their password. One thing to do is go directly to the website to change it (ie: type in the website address yourself and don’t get directed from an email). Secondly, check out this little infograph on how to create a decent […]

The Late Peter Matthiessen

Peter Matthiessen Dies at 86

Sad to hear that Peter has passed away this weekend. Peter Matthiessen Dies at 86 | News from the Field | This book “The Snow Leopard” is a must read and if you don’t want to read the whole thing, you can find some of his quotes here on my website.

Graphene lattice

The Wonderful World of Graphene

What you see and what you get1 Links:2 Companies2.0.1 Nanoholdings2.0.2 Northern Graphite Mining Company2.0.3 Graphene IPO2.1  2.2 Science Daily Articles:2.3 Feeds: Links: Retirement Funds A paper on the rise of Graphene Forber magazine article And more Forbes articles Companies Nanoholdings Northern Graphite Mining Company Graphene IPO     Science Daily Articles: Feeds: