google search

How Google Search Works

Google Search is cool little thing. There are over 100 billion webpages for them to sift through to find the relevant results that you need or want. I wonder how many mice it takes to run all those wheels in the 19 data centres in the US and the other 17 that are worldwide? For […]

Tesla Coil

Nikola Tesla

I think Tesla was a pretty incredible man. A little odd but he sure had a mind.  Don’t think I truly understand a lot of the work that he did but he did make our lives better. A museum is in the works for a site in New York where he did some work and […]

Tune Yards

New Tunes- Part 1- tUnE yArDs

My friend got me onto a podcast on NPR called “All Songs Considered“. It’s a couple of guys sitting around discussing new music, they talk to artists etc and there is some great music too.  I’ve only recently started to listen to this podcast and with J River media center (as I hate windows media […]