21 Intriguing Facts about Colors

This post is originally from: You the Designer Colors are everywhere. From our favorite shoes and clothes to the wonders of nature and outer space. Everything has a color to represent. Color pretty much existed ever since the whole universe began and plays a part in everyone’s daily life. But how much do you  really […]

Home Made Shaving Cream

Your Christmas Present

Your Christmas Present Hello Boys,   You are probably excited to use this new product, I can sure assure you, you have every reason. Just a little thought and time went into this incredible little bottle of shaving cream. Here are some pointers for you to check out and as well the ingredients.

Delicacy in an Egg Drop

Breaking Eggs

I received 2nd place with this entry into the Victoria Camera Club October Competition which was entitle “What’s Cracking?”.   How I did it: White background Black tile for the floor Used a work light for the lighting Camera: 7D Canon 50mm f/1.8 Yongnuo Wireless shutter release I broke the egg, stepped on the remote to […]

Freakonomics on Ultimate Frisbee

I listen to a lot of podcasts and one of my favorites is Freakanomics which recently had a segment about Ultimate Frisbee. It discusses self-policing and how it governs some aspects of the world and our lives. Imagine that soccer (football) was a self refereed sport? It would take a while for it to get […]

5 Frogs

How do Frogs Watch TV?

I know, you have asked yourself this question countless times: How do frogs watch tv? Now, you are about to find out how those little guys actually watch worms and what they do. Hold onto your seats as it is way too exciting! I wonder how many people have tried this to our little amphibian […]