Light's L16 camera

Light L16

The new Light L16camera is coming from a photography startup and features 16 lenses! Yes, not just one like your camera or mine but 16. It’s not that big either and it is the size of your cell phone but twice as thick.

3D Printing Pen

As we enter this new world of 3D printers and other gadgets, it truly is amazing to see what we can do with them.  Take for example this 3D printing pen. I know that I am not an artist of any sort and that these items they ‘wrote’ with the pen are exceptional but I […]

Networking and Branding Yourself

Building Your Personal Brand Through Networking By Catherine Ducharme Are you a fair weather networker? That’s someone who only starts networking in earnest when they find themselves out of a job or is anxiously looking for new business. Perhaps you don’t have time to network or maybe you just dread the thought of walking into […]


There are sometimes where life is not really going your way, so you have to sit back and do a little meditation. It’s good for you especially if you know that you have some sh!t that you need to let go. Try it, and here is a little video to help you out as well.