When I was growing up, I had National Geography maps that I would just stare at while lying on the floor. Trying to find names of strange places, finding cool spots and wondering what they would be like. Mind you, this is all long Pre-Internet and everything was physical. Well, this isn’t the case anymore […]

Worlds 2008 Open Finals-1

Beau knows knees

Here is a graphic overview of the design of the knee as demonstrated by Beau Kittredge. This has to be one of the best learning tools I have seen regarding the knee. To think of how much stress we put onto our ACL, MCL and PCL during any sport that involves cutting and sprinting. Enjoy […]

Jacques Lake Moose

Moose Shedding An Antler

      I’ve never really thought about moose shedding antlers- mostly since I’ve never seen the process. I have seen some big ones up around Jacques Lake in Jasper National Park. Moose are the largest member of the deer family and every year the moose looses its antlers. Now, antlers are not horns- which […]


Cool effect

I found an old red filter at a used camera shop in Victoria since I saw an idea so I thought I should try it out. Just take a book, fold it a little so that there is a crease and place the filter in the crease (I used fun-tak aka smurf poo to hold […]

Tom Robbins Quotes

The Best Time of the Year

To me, this is a pretty good time of the year as many of the sites that I peruse give you their top 10. I use Feedly to keep up to date with different websites to keep up to date with what is happening in the world of tech, design, news, wordpress, photography, sports and […]

Christmas Fireplace

Merry Christmas!!! And enjoy some Christmas fireplace and some good tunes to go along with it. Enjoy the Christmas fireplace and music to get you in the mood. It’s that time of the year to sit back and get busy and entertain and to feel the love. It certainly is a great time of the […]