When I was growing up, I had National Geography maps that I would just stare at while lying on the floor. Trying to find names of strange places, finding cool spots and wondering what they would be like.
Mind you, this is all long Pre-Internet and everything was physical. Well, this isn’t the case anymore and we live in an age of a lot of online resources.
So when I found Geoguessr, I got hooked. It’s an online game that uses Google Street View to plop you down somewhere in the world and you have to determine where you are. The closer your guess to the spot that you got dropped off at, the more points you get and there are 5 rounds per game.

Trust me, you have no idea where it drops you off if you are playing anywhere in the world game and that is the beauty of it. You get to explore the world in a totally different way!


  • Look at any sign that can give you an indication of where you are
  • Does the speed limit sign looked like it’s Canadian or European?
  • Can you read the language?
  • Even real estate signs can help you out as well

I had no idea but there are even youtube channels dedicated to this game!

So go off and see the world with Geoguessr!


Where am I???

Where am I???



Mike H.
Hi there,
I am photographer, father, son and ultimate frisbee player.
I've recently switched my career path into Mechanical Engineering.
As someone once said, "What a long, strange trip it's been."