Moose Shedding An Antler




Jacques Lake Moose
Jacques Lake Moose

I’ve never really thought about moose shedding antlers- mostly since I’ve never seen the process. I have seen some big ones up around Jacques Lake in Jasper National Park.

Moose are the largest member of the deer family and every year the moose looses its antlers. Now, antlers are not horns- which are made of a combination of bone and keratin (the stuff your nails and hair are made of), antlers are made entirely of bone.

In late fall or early winter, the bulls (male moose) shed their antlers. This is surprising to me since I thought that they need the antlers for clearing off snow to get to their food. the second one usually falls off hours after the first one. Imagine walking around with 20 lbs of antler making you teeter to one side. I wonder how much he noticed only having one antler- just look at the size of that neck and head.

In the video, the moose nonchalantly shakes his head and off pops an antler. There is also a little trivia from National Geographic about the whole process.

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