Imagination Creates Reality

Imagination Creates Reality

I got this quote years ago from Tom Robbins and it exemplifies how I feel about the imagination.

Over the last couple of years, I have been watching my son grow up and seeing how he interacts with the world has given me a whole new love for this quote.

For example, who would have thought that tea towels can be cement.  And not just on one occasion but over the course of a month.  Or that even though our fridge doesn’t have a cold water dispenser, to him it does.

Now, I also love this quote from a design and engineering perspective.  Look at everything that man has made around you, all of those big or little things have come from our collective imaginations.

We dream it.

We think it.

We imagine it

and we create.

Even the simplest thing- like paper- came from someone’s imagination.  Or making the Wendy’s burger square or the computer that you are sitting at right now reading this (since I know it isn’t on paper).

This world is pretty amazing and we are all part of it somehow.

Now, I haven’t even touched on evolution which in itself is incredible too…

Mike H.
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