Your Christmas Present

Your Christmas Present

Hello Boys,

Shaving Cream


You are probably excited to use this new product, I can sure assure you, you have every reason.

Just a little thought and time went into this incredible little bottle of shaving cream.

Here are some pointers for you to check out and as well the ingredients.

Enjoy!!! Love Mike

Rosemary Mint Shave Cream

  • Shea butter
  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (for antibacterial purposes)

Keep in a cool, dry place.


Other info you might wanna know about:

  • Unlike a traditional shaving cream, this contains no soap. Soap dries skin out, while oils will moisturize and create a protective layer over your skin as you shave. The cream will melt a bit on your skin as you apply it. This is okay. Just make a thin layer of the oil and shave as usual.
  • To clean the razor off, I swish it in a cup of warm water between strokes. When I’m finished, I let it soak in the cup for a few seconds, give it a swish, and then hang it up as usual. I wipe the collected oil from the cup with a small square of paper and discard in the trash.Safety Razor
  • Post shave you don’t need to clean your face if you don’t want to. All of the oils and butters in here work as natural conditioners. However, you do want to rub off the excess. Using the same method as removing the coconut oil scrub, just use a warm, wet wash cloth and rinse the skin by pressing firmly. Alternatively, you could use a light face soap or body wash post-shave, if you prefer.
  • You can use both refined or unrefined coconut oil. The unrefined version will have a more coconut smell to it. .
  • Shea butter comes from the shea tree in Africa.  I didn’t get the shea butter made my widows in Ghana- you guys aren’t worth it 😉

If you know anyone else that wants some, let me know.  It isn’t the cheapest thing to make but if I get a bulk order from folks I can make some more.

Mike H.
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